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HW&W所属のELAQUENT。トロント在住のビートメーカー。スムーズでソウルフルなinstrumentalが彼独特のスタイル。ここ数年間で数多くのEPやアルバムをリリースしていて、independent beat sceneに大きな影響とインパクトを残している。中学生の頃からビートメークを始めた彼は長年の練習で身につけた制作のテクニックを生かして簡単には真似できない音を鳴らしている。彼の最大のinfluencerはJ DILLA & DJ PREMIERである。”The Scenic Route”、“Green Apples and Oranges”、”Good Karma”をリリースした後、彼は愛用のSP-404sxとともにライブパフォーマンスに挑んだ。今現在ではアメリカやヨーロッパツアーを行っていて、あらゆる現場でライブをしている。これからの活動にも目が離せない。

Canadian-based producer Elaquent is certainly no rookie in the thriving beat scene. Known for his smooth, soulful style; his off-kilter, neck-break beats; and his obsession with Batman and Sega Genesis, Elaquent is finally beginning to reach his full potential. Elaquent, or “eQ” as he is also known by, has been making his mark on the independent beat scene in a big way over the last few years, with a large discography of well received instrumental albums. Since the ninth grade, eQ has been mastering his production techniques, creating a sound uncommon to the crop of other local producers. Citing J Dilla and DJ Premier as some of his earliest influences, eQ has become much of a fan favorite among beat afficionados in Toronto. After a string of successful releases, including “The Scenic Route” , “Green Apples and Oranges”, and most recently, “Good Karma”, eQ has taken his show on the road, armed with his trusty SP-404sx loaded full of beats. Having toured all around the United States and many parts of Europe, eQ shows no signs of slowing down. Signed to HW&W Recordings (based out of Los Angeles), the prolific producer is already planning a number of albums, live shows and collaborations. Needless to say, Elaquent is on the come-up.